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Medical Representative


A LEADING Multinational Company urgently requires: - A medical sales representative is engaged in the selling and marketing of health care products and supplies, frequently pharmaceutical drugs. The job is fast-paced and requires a high level of energy and enthusiasm. It can be highly demanding, often requiring the representative to work far more than 8-hour a day. The jobholder must be fluent in English, presentable, have valid Bahraini driving license with own transportation Daily Activities - A typical day may involve one-on-one meetings with doctors, pharmacists or nurses in their offices or places of business to monitor their supply of drugs and to inform them of forthcoming changes. The representative will introduce them to new products from his company. In the afternoon, he might visit hospitals to meet with doctors on staff to persuade them to purchase his products. Skills - Interpersonal skills are required to develop trust and rapport that are a necessary part of the sales process. You must be able to \"speak the language\" of the medical profession by becoming familiar with often complex medical terms and procedures. You will need to be able to manage your time well and project a highly professional image. Education - A bachelor\'s degree in a field related to medicine or pharmacology such as biology, chemistry or physiology is highly desirable, as well as a strong understanding of how a drug works in the human body. An advanced degree is often required to move into the management ranks. Salary range : BHD 700.000 to BHD 900.000

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